Toronto & Thornhill Walk-in Closets Design

We will custom design and build a walk-in closet to fit your taste and space needs.

In today’s world, everybody buys many pieces of clothing and accessories – for our pleasure and for our working needs. Between coats, shoes, bags, belts, scarves, undergarments, ties, maintenance supplies and many more items, organizing our closets effectively and efficiently becomes harder year after year. The morning rush to work – how annoying is it when you can’t find that belt or pair of socks that go along with your pants and shoes? This can be a time consuming and infuriating activity, but thankfully, we offer Walk-In Closet construction, design and renovation with the right amount of organizers in the right spots to make your life a little easier.

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  • Walk-in closet brownWalk-in closet brown
  • Maximum Space Design for Your Walk-in ClosetsMaximum Space Design for Your Walk-in Closets
  • Walk-in closet whiteWalk-in closet white
  • White walk-in closet organizers, off whiteWhite walk-in closet organizers, off white
  • Walk-in Closet for Her & for HimWalk-in Closet for Her & for Him
  • Walk-in closet organizersWalk-in closet organizers
  • Walk-in Closet Natural MapleWalk-in Closet Natural Maple
  • Walk-in Closets in a Rainbow of Differernt ColoursWalk-in Closets in a Rainbow of Differernt Colours
  • Elegant walk-in wardrobeElegant walk-in wardrobe


The design depends on how much space you have and what kind of organizers you need. Normally, we opt for more drawers and shelves and consider open or closed closet concepts. For your belts, stockings and ties we can design dividers to roll up and put each one in a sorted section. For your shoes, regular open or closed shelves work easily. If you have the space for a large Walk-In, we can divide it into sections for her and for him. For a cache of more expensive materials like wool or silk, a closed closet design is preferred as this can protect the material from humidity and all kinds of tiny house mites. We also offer slow self-closing drawers which are always silent and convenient to use.


The material you choose for building the shelves, drawers, racks and other parts of your Walk-In Closet depends on your personal taste and budget. Just like our cabinetry work, you will find a myriad of options here such as: solid wood stained in all colours and their variations to make for a classically elegant wardrobe. MDF infused with Thermofoil covering gives you a wider range of textures to choose from and can sport eye-catching bright colours. You can also choose base MDF custom painted for you with the highest quality paints and finishing, the most popular standard being off-white or brilliant white. We also offer glassed doors to increase your walk-ins visibility from the outside and give your space an even roomier, classy look.